Universal Language Training - Surrey, England

What the course covers

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

The main components of the course are:

Observation of Classes

At the beginning of the course trainees observe classes, three of which are video lessons and the other two are live lessons normally given by the two main tutors. After watching these classes you write up your observations.

Teaching Practice

Although you can learn a lot about language teaching by discussing the theory, methodology and techniques of teaching, it is above all a practical skill. You will teach a class of foreign students for a minimum of six hours. Your teaching practice will be as varied as possible so that on completing the course we aim to have given you experience in teaching different age groups, levels and class sizes in a mono-lingual, multinational and one-to-one situation.

Language Awareness

Before starting the course you will receive a pre-course study pack which covers English grammar and phonology. Although both areas are covered during the course you will get off to a head start if you have spent some time working through these exercises beforehand.

On the course the tutors will help you to understand a wide range of grammar topics and show you how to apply this knowledge in order to teach it to a class of foreign learners. The focus is the practical application of the grammar and phonology. You will also learn about the sounds, intonations, sentence and word stress in English and some of the phonological difficulties experienced by different language groups. At the end of the course there is a written grammar test but the phonology is a take-home assignment.

Foreign Language Journal

You will have four hours of lessons in Russian or Turkish which will give you the opportunity of learning an unknown language as a complete beginner. It will allow you to experience and assess our language teaching techniques from a foreign student's point of view. You will be able to see how you can teach complete beginners without translating. You are required to keep a journal detailing and analysing the Russian or Turkish lessons writing about your learning experience.

Student Profile

You record an interview with a foreign student in order to examine in some depth the linguistic achievements and difficulties of an individual learner. You will gather information about your student's reading, listening, writing and speaking skills which you can then analyse. After completing your analysis you devise a remedial programme and one-to-one lesson to help your student with selected language areas.

Materials Assignment

Towards the end of your CertTESOL course you will be asked to select a piece of material that you will have used in your teaching practice. This piece of material is one which is good and worked well in the classroom. You will need to evaluate its strengths and effectiveness. The piece of material chosen by trainees is often a communicative game.