Universal Language Training - Surrey, England

Part Time Day and Evening Courses

Part-time day and evening certificate course. The course content is the same as the intensive four week and successful trainees will be awarded the Trinity College TESOL certificate.

The part-time course starts with an intensive three days. After this, classes are held on either

The timetables for Tuesday evening and Friday morning are the same. This means that if necessary, you can attend either session. There is a great deal of flexibility of timetabling for the part-time course.

Teaching practice takes place on a limited number of weekdays, this is normally Mondays and Wednesdays from 9am to 2pm. There are six hours of teaching practice on the certificate course. Every effort will be made to arrange your teaching schedule to fit in with your existing commitments but you will need to be available during the day for teaching practice on these limited number of occasions. On some Saturday mornings preceding teaching practice, tutors will be available to assist with teaching practice preparation.

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