Letter from the UK

Horsham, West Sussex

Dear Elaine and Sue

I'm writing to let you know what I've been doing since I 'graduated' from ULT in May! I expect you often wonder what happen to your fledging TEFL teachers.

At the beginning of the summer holidays I taught for a few weeks at the Harven School, which was hard work but good fun and a good teaching experience.

After that I did 6 weeks of home stay for Pam Perry. I had a delightful Japanese dentist staying for 3 weeks who was quite pedantic and fussy about the English language but who was endlessly interested in England.

Then in the middle of the summer I had a phone call from Hartwood House, a 6th form college to say that they needed a part-time EFL teacher. I went along for an interview and have been working there since September.

I'm teaching IELTS and PET to small groups of students, three days a week and enjoying it very much. There's a supportive staff and motivated students. It's also in a beautiful location. I much prefer it to summer school as it's far less frantic and much better paid! It's rewarding to build up a long-term relationship with the students and to see their growing confidence and ability.

I must say thank you to you both for making this possible. I didn't know what to expect last January when I began the course but it gave me an excellent grounding in TEFL. I'm using more of the teaching skills now that I'm relaxing and gaining experience. Your advice throughout the course was honest and valuable.

Best wishes to you both for Christmas and the New Millennium.

Sue Harris