Universal Language Training - Surrey, England


"Extremely hard work, but so worth it! All the tutors are very experienced and knowledgeable. They are very encouraging, supportive and friendly. Super help with finding employment too!"

Alison / June 2015

"It was an intense course that gave us the tools to teach English in an effective and engaging manner, and ensured that we were well prepared to give each and every class."

Peter / June 2015

Do you want an internationally-recognised, professional TEFL qualification, taught by an equally well-respected professional language school? Then look no further! I've just completed the ULT training course, designed to equip students with the Trinity London Certificate in TESOL. The tutors are highly experienced, committed and encouraging. The course is challenging, thorough and extensive. I had a roller-coaster ride of learning, laughing, stressing, and - finally - succeeding! If you think TEFL might be for you, I wouldn't hesitate in recommending ULT.

Stephanie / June 2014

The ULT TESOL course provided an excellent opportunity to study alongside my employment and family commitments. The training was comprehensive and well-structured with the extensive feedback being extremely beneficial to my progression throughout the course. The tutors allocated time at the weekends to answer questions regarding lesson plans, which demonstrated the dedication of the ULT team. I particularly found the creation and use of communicative games to be a fascinating learning process. I would especially like to thank Sue Cini and Elaine Stafford for their professional guidance, calm diligence and unwavering support which had a positive impact on my study success. Best wishes

Sally / April 2014

I just want to thank ULT staff for an excellently planned course: especially a big thank you to Sue and Elaine who put all of their time and effort into the months course. It was intense for us so I can't imagine what it was like for them! The course prepared me enormously for all aspects that come with teaching English as a foreign language. Kind regards,

Pascale / July 2013

"As soon as I came along to the introductory seminar about a month before starting the course I could tell that I had made the correct choice with ULT. Elaine's enthusiasm when describing the contents of the course immediately enthused me to take on this challenge. To call it a challenge is perhaps an understatement. A huge amount was covered within my 8 weeks of study on the course but the resources available and the amount of knowledge and experience I have gained from it all is both fantastic value for money and most importantly a teaching qualification to add to my CV and to take into a bright future.
Both Elaine and Sue have brought out the teacher in me and their commitment to the course and to helping all of their students through the difficult patches to become qualified at the end is second to none. Thank you for an informative and engaging experience. I have made some fantastic friends on this course and I will keep in touch with everybody to share my future experiences. A big thank you once again. It was by chance that I found the ULT website, the next day I attended the free seminar and here I am three months later qualified to teach English as a foreign language. It takes a lot of commitment and very hard work but the rewards speak for themselves.

James / May 2012

"It was a great course. Words can't prepare you for how hard they make you work, but it's all very interesting and useful."

Phil / 2011

"I really enjoyed the course, I found it challenging but immensely rewarding. I have been able to put a lot of what I have learnt in to practice already. I haven't stopped teaching since I qualified in June!"

Michael / 2011

"Trinity TESOL Cert has been an intense, challenging but very rewarding course; it is a well recognized and sought-after certificate, and instantly provided me with the credentials I needed to teach English. The tutors were helpful, informative and supportive during my time there and they stayed in touch to provide recruitment support and references afterwards."

Matthew Sin / 2011

"The support in finding immediate employment post completion of the course was second to none. I had two provisional job offers before I had even qualified and this was entirely thanks to the tutors at ULT and their connections with local language schools.

"All the best!"

Pippa / 2011
Sydney, Australia

"Hello Elaine and Sue
This is just a quick but big thank you for all your assistance and encouragement during the Fast Track course before Christmas.
I really enjoyed the course and learnt a great deal that supplements my previous experience.
Time has flown since Christmas and I'm pleased to say I'm already teaching some student privately at home. (That's before I've even got around to doing any marketing or printing of business cards!) I'm also in touch with some local private schools and hosting agencies who have vacancies so it looks like it's going to be busy!"

February 2012

"Hello Elaine and Sue
I thought I'd drop you a note to say that, since passing the course, I've done some teaching. I followed up on the advert you sent and did 3 teaching weeks during April and have another 3 weeks lined up for July. I really enjoyed it. I ended up analysing poetry with one of the students!
I've just been asked to help 2 Slovakians who are about to start with a company in Farnborough - initially 2 hours a week for 6 weeks but possibly on an ongoing basis. All very exciting.
The course has more than paid for itself.
Best wishes and thank you."

May 2012

"Taking the Fast-Track CertTESOL course has been one of the most thrilling experiences in my life. It is definitely an intense course and I learnt a lot about English in the process and feel fully prepared to enter the world of TESOL. Overall, I have really enjoyed the course from start to finish. Given that the course is pretty intense, I feel that I've learnt a lot about every aspect of language and teaching and have accomplished something very special. The tutors at ULT are all really personable and willing to help; even when they are not strictly working. Sue and Elaine provided great teaching models and gave articulate, useful feedback. They helped to provide a fun, welcoming environment. The course is well structured and set out. Personally, I appreciated the use of deadlines, and also having a mid-course evaluation. I found the feedback beneficial and helpful. It was effective for improving my own teaching. I would recommend CertTESOL @ ULT to anyone considering teaching English."

Abdul M. Sheikh
May 2012

"ULT provided me with not only first class training, but support and advice that went beyond the call of duty when I incurred medical problems half way through my course. Sue and Elaine were very understanding and helped me through my difficulty so that I could complete the course which has changed my life only for the better. I am currently very much enjoying teaching abroad and am extremely grateful towards both of them for their understanding and professionalism - thank you Sue and Elaine!

"P.S. I am teaching in Slovakia at the moment but have intentions to move to Spain and find work there soon. Hope all's well back in Woking!"

Rory / 2011